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An easy way to understand your Hitachi Storage Arrays.

Hitachi Performance

The IOportal performance graphs of your Hitachi VSP Gxx00, VSP Gx00, HUS VM, VSP and USP-V systems are carefully designed with best practice threshold lines defined by Hitachi storage engineers. With the help of the IOportal within just a few days you'll become your organisation's I/O performance expert.

Cloud based

Completely cloud based, for your convenience. Access capacity and performance graphs of your Hitachi systems without installing additional software on premise. Compare the performance of your Hitachi storage systems at a global level. Ask a Hitachi storage engineer to support you in critical situations.

Intuitive Graphs

With only a few mouse clicks you generate the graphs revealing potential capacity constraints or performance bottlenecks of your Hitachi storage systems. Dedicated graphs provide just the right level of information to quickly judge the workload, performance and impact of all connected servers.


The IOportal dashboard provides a quick high level overview of the workload and performance of all your storage systems. A comprehensive set of KPI values provides insight into all critical aspects at a single glance.

Quickly understanding the workload and performance of your storage systems is key to successfully managing your storage environment. The IOportal dashboard KPIs include capacity, workload, performance, threshold excess and critical servers. At a single glance you not only see all your storage systems on a single page, but also the trend for each of the KPIs over the past month. Identify hot spots at an early stage and react accordingly before your customers are affected - become proactive!


Understanding and mastering the complexity and performance of a storage system with hundreds of connected servers may become quite a complex challenge. Especially in critical situations you need a tool that breaks down the complexity and provides quick and reliable information enabling you to take the right decision without loosing time.

The IOportal predefined performance graphs help you readily identify hot spots of your storage systems and also directly pin-point the server(s) causing issues. With the IOportal you get the full picture of the server's workload, independent of their operating system, and your storage system’s performance. The IOportal supports Hitachi’s latest products, the VSP Gxx00, but also the previous generation's systems including HUS VM, VSP and USP-V for both Open Systems and Mainframe servers


The IOportal capacity view complements the performance part with comprehensive charts on the capacity of your storage systems, pools and connected servers.

Systems failing due to lack of capacity is the nightmare number one for each storage manager. Therefore, reliable capacity information at your fingertips is a crucial asset for you. The IOportal provides thoroughly verified capacity data for every critical capacity resource of your storage systems and all connected servers. Pool capacity, tier distribution, oversubscription factor, server capacity resources, the IOportal provides all the information valuable not only for you, the storage manager, but also for the server responsibles.

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